– Are your poems misbehaving?

Send them to me.

I will spend the time looking at your poem(s) or collection and be the fresh pair of eyes that you no longer have.

I love poetry in all its varieties and would be thrilled to read your poems no matter their subject, tone or form, and do with them what you like… a soft edit, an honest appraisal, a skewering, a simple thumbs up, a second opinion on ordering your collection, help with a school project, sorting the wheat from the chaff, help with language / grammar / punctuation, tightening up an image and honing a message / tone / emotion, rhyme and rhythm suggestions, a once-over before you submit to a magazine.

And anything else besides.

I am an experienced editor. See my About page for more details.

When you are ready, send me an email, and I would be delighted to give your poem(s) honest, non-judgmental, kind and thoughtful attention. Don’t worry, it’ll all be okay…

Bring some light to the dark – submit your work here.